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Introducing Calcutta University

Calcutta University stands tall as a distinguished public state institution nestled in the vibrant city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. With its inception dating back to 1857, it proudly holds the mantle of being one of India’s oldest universities and Asia’s inaugural multidisciplinary educational hub. The university boasts membership in prestigious bodies such as the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), underlining its commitment to global academic excellence.

Offering an extensive array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, Calcutta University is a beacon of learning across diverse disciplines including arts, science, commerce, law, engineering, and management.

Academic Rigor and Preparation: As part of its commitment to academic excellence, Calcutta University diligently administers semester and annual examinations to assess student proficiency. To aid students in their preparation endeavors, the university provides invaluable resources in the form of previous year’s question papers, alternatively known as model or sample question papers. These resources serve as indispensable tools for students to familiarize themselves with the examination format and question types.

Designed to evaluate students’ knowledge, comprehension, and application of classroom concepts, Calcutta University question papers encompass the entire syllabus, segmented into various question types including objective, short answer, and long answer questions. Objective questions typically delve into definitions, terminology, and fundamental concepts, while short answer questions necessitate succinct responses. Long answer questions gauge students’ ability to expound upon concepts comprehensively, backed by pertinent examples.

Unlocking Success through Preparation: Navigating Calcutta University question papers necessitates a thorough grasp of subject matter intricacies, theories, and formulae. Furthermore, students must adeptly analyze and interpret data presented within the question papers. Engaging with previous year’s question papers not only aids in gauging preparation levels but also facilitates identification of areas requiring improvement.

Accessible Resources for Success: Calcutta University question papers are readily accessible via the university’s official website as well as various educational platforms and online portals. Available in both PDF and printed formats, these resources empower students to practice at their convenience, free of charge.

In essence, Calcutta University question papers epitomize an indispensable resource for students embarking on their academic journey. By diligently engaging with these materials, students can bolster their preparation, refine their understanding of examination patterns, and enhance their overall performance.

Calcutta University Question Papers Last 10 Years PDF Overview

Below you will find some basic information about the Calcutta University Question Paper . For additional details on the Calcutta University Question Paper , see the table below.

UniversityUniversity of Calcutta
ExamCalcutta University Exam
LocationKolkata, West Bengal, India
Courses OfferedUG and PG
Mode of ExamOffline Test
CategoryUniversity Question Papers
Official Websitehttps://bangaloreuniversity.ac.in
Paper FormatPdf File
Link TypeGoogle Drive Link

Calcutta University Courses & Fees 

CoursesTotal Fees
B.Sc.INR 1.02 K – 3.46 L(for 3-5 years)
M.Sc.INR 2.3 K – 1.68 L(for 2-5 years)
B.A.INR 600 – 3.51 L(for 3 years)
M.AINR 2.4 K – 68 K(for 2 years)
B.ComINR 720 – 2.66 L(for 3 years)
B.E. / B.TechINR 30.83 K – 40.5 K(for 3-4 years)
MBA/PGDMINR 16.51 K – 5.9 L(for 2 years)
B.EdINR 27.4 K – 1.17 L(for 1 year-2 years)
B.A. LL.B.INR 8.82 K – 3.22 L(for 5 years)
M.ComINR 2.4 K – 1.28 L(for 2 years)
B.A. (Hons)INR 17.74 K – 64.53 K(for 3 years)
PG DiplomaINR 10 K(for 1 year-2 years)
BBAINR 1.28 L – 1.61 L(for 3 years)
BBM/BMSINR 2.35 L(for 3 years)
B.Lib.I.Sc.INR 2.95 K(for 1 year-5 years)
M.E./M.TechINR 24 K – 1.44 L(for 2-3 years)
CertificateINR 1.5 K(for 6 weeks-1 year)
M.PhilINR 3.4 K – 1.9 L(for 1 year-2 years)
MSWINR 1.34 L(for 2 years)


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Exam NameYear of ExamDirect Link
B.A.LL.B (3Yr), Hons, Law 3 Year Paper-V2021Click Here
B.A.LL.B (5Yr), General, Law 5 Year Law Of Crimes -II (The Criminal Procedure Code), Paper-II2021Click Here
BA-BSC Hons Psychology Semester 2nd CC-3P2021Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Cost & Mgmt Ac-I 2nd Sem. (1st Paper) [CC.2.1CH-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Cost & Mgmt Ac-II 4th Sem. [CC.4.2CH-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Taxation-I 4th Sem. [CC-4.1CH-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Business Communication 2nd Sem. [GE-2.1Ghg-2019] for Hons. & Gen.2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Cost & Mgmt Ac-I 2nd Sem. [CC.2.1CG-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Cost & Mgmt Ac-II 4th Sem. [CC.4.2CG-2019]2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Taxation-I 4th Sem. [CC-4.1CG-2019]2019Click Here
Bengali-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Bengali-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Bengali-CC/GE-2/General Candidates/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Botany-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Chemistry-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Economics-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
English-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Hindi-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
History-CC/GE-2/General Candidates/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Mathematics-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Mathematics-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Mathematics-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Philosophy-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Philosophy-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Philosophy-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physics-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physics-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physics-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physiology-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physiology-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Physiology-CC/GE-2/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Political Science-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Political Science-H-CC-4/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Political Science-CC/GE-2/For Honours Candidates/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Sanskrit-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Sanskrit-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Zoology-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Zoology-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
Zoology-H-CC-3/CBCS M(2nd Sem.)2019Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Financial Accounting- I [CC1.1CG-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Business Comm- Module-2 [2.1GE-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Cost & Mgmt. Ac-I [CC2.1CG-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Gen. Financial Accounting-II [CC3.1CG-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Financial Accounting- I [CC1.1CH-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Cost & Mgmt. Ac-I [CC2.1CH-2018]2018Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Financial Accounting-II [CC3.1CH-20182018Click Here
B.Com. Hons. Indian Financial System-[CC3.2CH-2018]2018Click Here
Bengali General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Bengali Honors – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Bengali Honors – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Botany General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Botany Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Botany Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Chemistry General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Chemistry Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Chemistry Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Economics General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Economics Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Economics Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
English General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
English Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
English Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Hindi General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Hindi Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Hindi Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
History General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
History Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
History Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Mathematics General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Mathematics Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Mathematics Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Physics General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Physics Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Physics Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Political Science General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Political Science Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Political Science Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Sanskrit General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Sanskrit Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here
Sanskrit Honours – Paper: CC22018Click Here
Zoology General – Paper: GE/CC12018Click Here
Zoology Honours – Paper: CC12018Click Here

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